Burger’s Priest just opened its 26th store and here’s what the founder thinks about it now


A chain of cult Ontario restaurants after Burger’s Priest has just opened its 26th restaurant.

It’s a big step up from how they started with their first four-seater location in 2010. Founder Shant Mardirosian is no longer involved with the chain, but he’s happy it’s still around.

“Wow,” Mardirosian told blogTO. “26 pitches is great. I still remember the first one on the beaches almost 12 years ago.”

He first founded the restaurant chain with one location, and now the brand has exploded to two dozen locations in Ontario and two in Alberta.

“I’m always happy when I see a new one appear,” Madirosian says. “It always brings back good memories.”

People were lining up for the restaurant during the height of the burger boom, when outrageous, high-quality burgers and the like were as popular as it gets. They quickly became known for their “not-so-secret menu” with creations like grilled cheese ice cream sandwiches.

Burger’s Priest’s newest location just opened in Newmarket, and it’s significantly larger than the original 350-square-foot affair with a single meat grinder.

As for Madirosian, burger lovers may have been sad to hear that he quit ground beef, but pizza fans were thrilled to see him open his own pizzeria on Dundas West where it was. formerly the Campagnolo Italian restaurant.

It’s called Fourth Man in the Fire, and it specializes in pizza with as much appeal as Burger’s Priest. He even started a donut brand that operates out of the pizzeria called Harry and Heels. Both are inspired by the iconic fast food feel of American cuisine (so not far from burgers).

“I don’t eat a lot of burgers these days as I focus on donuts and pizza,” says Mardirosian.

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