EAT THIS WEEK: The Summit Sandwich at Emerald Bay Bar & Grill

This week’s featured EAT dish is The Summit Sandwich from Emerald Bay Bar & Grill.
Robert Galloway / Tahoe Daily Tribune

Trying to decide each week where and what to eat around the pool can be a challenge – there are so many amazing choices. In this feature, we’re going to dive into some dishes that will surely satisfy those cravings and leave you wondering where to go next.

If you haven’t been to Emerald Bay Bar and Grill in a while, you might be surprised on your next visit. After completing a renovation earlier this year and armed with a larger kitchen, the restaurant is back to serving the dishes you know and love.

Example: the sandwich at the top. Although this sandwich has always been on the menu, it took a break for a while. It’s back now, slightly modified, but better than ever.

Before diving in, a programming note: this sandwich is massive. There’s definitely enough here to make couples break up and still feel drunk, but if you take the plunge and go all out, you might need paddles to give you enough load to get out. through the door. But, what a glorious ride it will be.

It all starts with an eight-ounce serving of chicken fried steak. It’s smothered in their homemade country-style sauce and topped with melted provolone cheese, two slices of tomato, four slices of bacon, and a fried egg, all stuffed between two slices of Parmesan-crusted sourdough.

Right off the bat you will have to make a decision: knife and fork or go all out. Much like Fleetwood Mac, you go your own way – there is no judgment.

The first thing to do is break that egg yolk and let all that silky rich liquid fill in the gaps. Once you do that, everyone is on the bridge.

The Chicken Crusted Fried Steak and Parmesan Crusted Bread, with bursts of tomato juice and bacon smoke, provide great textures. Where I get dizzy is the country sauce. I can leave it in my will to be buried there – it’s so delicious. Yes, it might sound weird or disgusting, but try it first and you will see.

It’s only available for breakfast (not served after 2 p.m.), so if you wake up with an appetite (or a hangover as the menu suggests), give it a try.

Emerald Bay Bar and Grill is located at 888 Emerald Bay Road in South Lake Tahoe. For the menu, daily specials and more, visit them online at or reach them by phone at 530-541-7017.

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