McNellie’s Launches Hamburger Concept on Mother Road | To eat


The Standard Howdy Burger ($ 7) comes with two 4-ounce beef patties cooked on a flat-top griddle and topped with green lettuce, chopped onions, thicker sliced ​​tomatoes, and a base condiment. of mayonnaise known as “rodeo sauce”, on a potato bun that is cut almost in half, so that the top and bottom halves are still connected.

O’Connor said it was a way to make the burger manageable with one hand, so it could be eaten while driving. It also has a way to push the contents of the bun forward, so that the first bite can include everything but the bun.

We paired it with an order of Rodeo Fries ($ 7) and a lemonade ($ 3). The Rodeo Fries is a double order of fries, topped with melted cheese, crumbled bacon and Rodeo sauce; the plastic fork that came with it was handy, as navigating that pile of potatoes by hand could get messy quickly.

The burger has a lot of pluses – the patties have a light crust around the edge, the veggies are fresh and crisp, the cheese really gooey – but he and the Rodeo fries were incredibly salty. I have nothing against salt (much to my doctor’s chagrin), but even for me it was too much.

On another visit, we sampled the Wag-Gouda burger ($ 13) and a spicy chicken sandwich ($ 8), this time with an order of pure fries ($ 3). Other than having a single thicker beef patty and a slice of lightly smoked Gouda cheese, I really couldn’t distinguish much difference in flavor or texture between this and the regular Howdy Burger.

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