Pop up has a Haitian vegetarian egg sandwich


RANDOLPH – Ninjas pop-up restaurant breakfast change the way people perceive this essential morning meal with a varied menu of egg sandwiches with onion jam, traditional haitian spaghetti and creole shrimps and oatmeal.

As a temporary weekend getaway, Breakfast Ninjas is setting up camp at Gourmet Kitchen at 1179 N. Main St., Randolph.

Sunday, November 14 was their first day of activity at Randolph and was very successful, said Steeve Louis-Charles, co-owner of Breakfast Ninjas.

The pop-up opened in March in Boston’s Chinatown, and only sandwiches were sold. The menu has grown considerably since March.

“Due to the success of Gourmet Kitchen’s opening day, we will be continuing the pop-up on weekends all winter. We are also planning to organize an event called “Ninjas at night” featuring Haitian food, “said Louis-Charles.

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The pop-up does not currently have a permanent home, but is looking for a storefront in or near Brockton.

Louis-Charles, who lives in Stoughton, said many of his support clients are from Brockton and if there was a spot available he would jump on it.

November 14, 2021 - Whitman's Stephanie Roach enjoys a quick meal with her 12-year-old son Jaylen West by the Breakfast Ninjas at a pop-up event at the Gourmet Kitchen in Randolph.

Some of the iconic dishes include farm-fresh egg sandwiches on a toasted brioche bun, chicken and cornbread sandwiches, and an eight-ounce Wagyu burger.

Customers come in and say the shrimp and oatmeal reminds them of their southern grandmother’s cooking, Louis-Charles said.

The unique aspect of this compliment is what prompted the team to consider making shrimp and grits a permanent menu item. It used to be a special dish, but customers asked for it so often that they decided to add it to the menu as one of the star players.

The Breakfast Ninjas pop-up breakfast at Randolph serves breakfast sandwiches with onion jam, scrambled eggs, a secret sauce, and a vegetarian meat patty.

Another new item added to the menu is the avocado toast. In Haiti, avocados grow wild everywhere and people eat them with bread as a simple snack, but in America it’s a very popular breakfast food, Louis-Charles said.

Breakfast Ninjas pride themselves on creating almost everything from scratch, including their famous onion jam and spicy sauces.

“We stay away from prefabricated things. We try to be consistent with the recipes and never skimp as this decreases the quality of the food. We want our customers to like and appreciate what they eat, ”said Louis-Charles.

November 14, 2021 - Chef Philippe Cesar from Newton prepares a dish as part of the Breakfast Ninjas team visit to Gourmet Kitchen in Randolph for a pop-up event.

As the world changes and people become more health conscious, there should be restaurants to accommodate them, Louis-Charles said.

That being said, the pop-up featured Beyond Meat, a vegan, vegetable-based meat substitute.

Breakfast Ninjas is hoping to expand its menu with more herbal options and more Haitian cuisine.

The end goal is to open their first location soon, and then to someday embark on a franchise with hundreds of restaurants across America.

“I want the restaurant to be a place people can’t wait to go with friendly staff, great music and even better food,” said Louis-Charles.

“We want other people in our community who are like us to feel inspired when they walk in. ”

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