Video shows how famous McDonald’s sandwich is made: “It’s a McCrime”


McDonald’s cult favorite McRib made a major comeback this month by returning to menus across the country.


McRib in the making

Fans have loved the crispy sandwich for years, but skeptics often ignored the creation because they weren’t sure exactly what was going on in the alleged barbecue rib sandwich.

But thanks to a viral new TikTok created by McDonald’s employee Isaiah Gilley, customers can now see how the sandwich is made – and spoiler alert, it’s not exactly appetizing.

The video, which has now garnered over 9.9 million views, shows Gilley making the sandwich.

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He takes some unidentifiable frozen meat in the shape of a rack of ribs out of a drawer and places it on the grill to cook. He selects the “McRib” setting and places a block over the meat while adding the sandwich toppings to the bun. Gilley then opens another drawer filled with barbecue sauce and begins to dip the meat in the drawer, spreading the sauce all over before the sandwich is done.

Of course, the commentators were pissed off.

“Does anyone else think that makes the already unappetizing McRib even less appetizing?” Asked a user.

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“He’s not a McRib, he’s a McCrime,” said another.

Although many called the video “smelly” and questioned the quality of the “mystery meat,” other loyal fans defended the sandwich until the end.

“I know what I get when I get it,” one said. “You can’t discourage me !!”

Gilley posted a follow-up video to his viral hit explaining that he was not fired for revealing how the sandwich was made, but was “under investigation” by the food chain.

“I guess we’ll just see how it goes,” he said. told viewers.

Last month, McDonald’s surprised fans of the sandwich by announcing that it would be handing out 10 free McRib NFTs on its Twitter account.

The sandwich originally debuted on Kansas City menus in 1981 and has since racked up a considerable following during its limited-time tours on and off menus nationwide.

Mcdonalds was standing 17.45% year over year on Monday afternoon.

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