We tried Costa’s new vegan Christmas turkey sandwich and couldn’t tell the difference – Harry Higginson


Vegan substitutes are on the rise – and have been for a little while.

From the legendary Greggs Vegan sausage roll to McDonald’s new McPlant burger, the plant-based meat boom has taken the fast food world by storm – but so far one thing has remained sacred and little almost irreplaceable.

And this thing was a real honest Christmas turkey.

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It looks like things are changing though – and believe it or not, it’s all down to a fake turkey sandwich from the Costa Costa coffee chain.

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How, you must be wondering, can a sandwich even replace the mouth-watering perfection of a good Christmas dinner?

Well, the truth is, it can’t – but it’s not the problem, and it comes a lot closer than you might think.

Now, this particular sandwich isn’t entirely new – as it was released for the Christmas 2020 period – but given the lock-riddled nightmare that was the end of 2020, we’re not sure this tasty treat has had it. been exhausted.

So what’s in this sandwich?

Not much has changed with the sandwich in 2021 – except for the addition of vegan ‘cheese’ to the blend of textured soy protein, sage onion stuffing, cranberry sauce, mayonnaise. vegan and fresh spinach, all in toasted bloomer bread.

To address concerns in the play – yes, vegan cheese alternatives are notoriously hit and miss, with a heavy emphasis on duds, which might put a few people off.

For the uninitiated, it’s also worth explaining that soy protein is a fairly common substitute for meat and provides enough meaty flavor which, when paired with the right environment, can often be a really compelling substitute. .

The sandwich was a smash hit - and is the perfect hot antidote to the winter gloom
The sandwich was a smash hit – and is the perfect hot antidote to the winter gloom

And the rest of the sandwich is, thankfully, completely normal – opting for a sage and onion stuffing being a safe bet, avoiding the meatier stuffing options that would require a vegan replacement without sacrificing taste.

So know that what it is is clear, there is one question left to be answered – is it good?

Yes it’s really very good actually

Right out of the doors, it’s worth mentioning that I haven’t enjoyed the delight of a real meaty Christmas dinner for almost three years now – but I haven’t completely forgotten the delicacies of a good lunch sandwich. Turkey.

Having said that – this sandwich really, really hits the spot.

The classic cheese and cranberry combo, mixed with the equally reliable combo of a meaty turkey flavor and stuffing sage makes all of the best Christmas dinner pieces seem like they’ve been squeezed to fit into one. toast (except roasted potatoes, of course).

Vegan turkey really works – it has more than enough texture and flavor to mimic the feel of dark meat, and is basically as good as the real thing.

Vegan cheese is – thankfully – not that great, and in fact works great as a sort of brie substitute, pairing perfectly with the generous amount of cranberry sauce to give a nice balance between sweet and savory.

Spinach, while a weird and unconventional addition, is also a good component – adding a touch of something lighter to keep the sandwich from being overly heavy.

And the farce – damn the farce.

Stuffing has always been my favorite part of a Christmas dinner – and this is no exception.

It really ties everything together, making sure that when you bite into that little toasted dream boat you really know that this is meant to be a Christmas treat.

The verdict

So, our verdict on the Costa Vegan Turkey Stuffing Cranberry Sandwich is …

It’s fantastic.

Of course, this will never replace the joy of a full Christmas roast with all the trimmings, but it packs pretty much everything you’d expect from this feast in a vegan sandwich-sized package that you can easily pull out and take for lunch.

Not only that, but the fact that the sandwich is toasted and hot makes a huge difference in these gloomy, winter months, setting it way above the usual meal-style sandwiches from supermarket competitors.

In fairness to the sandwich, we're not sure it was ever really meant to be seen like this.
In fairness to the sandwich, we’re not sure it was ever really meant to be seen like this.

The only complaint worth spreading is that the sandwich doesn’t look very good – the inside being a bit gray – but you don’t have to spend too much time staring at your soy turkey when it is. also tastes convincing.

Vegan or vegetarian, or just a meat eater who has been struck by a touch of empathy for all those turkeys who only live to satiate you uncomfortably on December 25th – this sandwich is definitely worth a try.

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